Sunday, July 28, 2013

Keeping the Trekking Local

A few weekends ago we went camping at Walker River Resort (one of our favorite places to camp ( So, I thought I may keep up with this blog as I do travel around the world and places closer to home.

Steve often goes out on rides when we are at Walker, but this was the first time I went along. We took a quick ride to Ludwig Mine.

Mining brought Nevada into the Union. Although there are many abandoned mines throughout the state, Ludwig is a well-visited safe mine. :) Ludwig overlooks the Smith Valley which is rich with agriculture. Depending on the list you find - the one I looked at cited 60 working mines in Nevada  Next trip I hope to go to the mine with ice floor :)

Many rural areas are dependent on agriculture. (Fallon = cantaloupe, Yerington = garlic and onions, many more and lots of ranches too!) The average ranch is about 3500 sq acres. Nex trip I hope to get over to the feedlot - maybe even get a tour - such a NERD I am!!

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